Always Together, Together Always

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Rheagen's letter to God

     I feel like I have been blogging a lot about Rheagen, but I can't help it. She does things that are so cute lately I have to share.
     Last night after Rheagen went to bed Wayne said to me, "you better save some of this stuff." I asked what stuff and he handed me a pink piece of paper. I read;
          "oh god how you made all of us my family and me but the debl made so many bad things he thaught he was smarter then you but he is not I think you are smarter then him.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Caitlynn's New Room

     I was putting things away today in Caitlynn's room. I stopped to really look at some charcoal drawings that Caitlynn had done in art class that were hanging on her wall. They are really good. I got an idea that made me really excited. So I instantly started moving bedrooms around. I put Tierney in Caitlynn's room up stairs and Caitlynn in Tierney's room downstairs. I had to make the change in order to make my idea come to fruition. Caitlynn's room upstairs has paneling and Tierney's room downstairs has plaster and lath. (paint-able) When Caitlynn got home from school she was not real thrilled to see that her room was no longer upstairs, until I told her of my idea. 
     I am going to let Caitlynn go to town on her walls, her dresser, head board, and book shelf. She can do what ever she wants on her walls and furniture, but I told her my idea. She has black and white charcoal drawings and black and white bedding. I told her that I think it would be cool to paint the wall all white and the trim all black. then she should hang her pictures on the wall and paint frames around them with the black. Then all over the wall she should paint cool designs with the black. She said she likes the idea and will probably do it, at least the frame idea she said she will do. I am excited to see what she comes up with. She shows a real artistic ability and I think when given free rein she will have a really cool room.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day #2

     After I posted my last blog I had it revealed to me by Tierney that I was not done. With out my knowledge she has been working on a Mothers Day picture for me. It was so cute that I had to get back on here and show everyone. How cute is this? She is such a sweet kid, (when she wants to be). Along with this picture I got another big hug and an I love you mommy.
     Scully gave me a pretty good gift too. At some point last night he woke up and moved out to the living room. He just woke up, but about 5 minutes ago he was laying there, (still asleep) and out of the blue he says, "I want some chocolate too." Wayne and I looked at each other and laughed. That boy is entertaining even in his sleep. It was so cute that Wayne had to go give him hugs and kisses and woke him up. My poofy eyed little morning boy eating his toast and just being cute. 

Mothers Day

     Rheagen made me breakfast in bed this morning. It was so sweet, other than it was early, I was so not ready to wake up yet. I got a glass of ice tea which she actually sweetened perfectly. I also got 4 slices of toast. She could not find the butter so my toast was unbuttered but she did sprinkle the toast with sugar. To say the least my sheets need washed, they are now full of sugar. I also got half of an onion bagel toasted. That was on the first plate. On the second plate I got crepes with peaches in them. Five crepes. I am so full I am going to pop, but how could I not eat this incredibly thoughtful breakfast to the last bite.

     While I was eating Rheagen waited patiently. As soon as I finished she said excitedly, "present time!" She revealed a beautiful book mark and a poem. Best Mothers Day ever, but I think I say that every year.
     Now I am writing this and my son is still asleep. I think he is to young to really understand what mothers day is anyway. Tierney however, she gets it. She is very upset with Rheagen for making me breakfast and not waking her up to help. Tierney is also upset that she is not in school and was unable to make me a present. "I do not have anything to give you," she said in a very serious, heart broken tone. I told her a hug is just as good as any present. I received a very long tight squeeze. I love being a mommy.
     Now I get to get up and see what kind of damage has been done to my kitchen. Good or bad, it was all worth it.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rheagen's Big Plan

     While heading to mom and dad's last night for dinner Rheagen shared her plan for when she is 18. Her and her best friend Josie are going to get a house together. They are going to have a horse for each of them which they are going to buy from grandpa for 10 cents a piece. She also plans on buying a cow from Uncle John, she does not know how much she will pay for a cow yet because she has not talked to Uncle John to cut a deal. Rheagen said she needs a cow for milk. She will also have milk for sale for a dollar a carton, or 100 pennies because 100 pennies is the same as a dollar. Wayne asked her if she would cut him a deal on milk if he only had 99 pennies, she said no. At that point Tierney changed the subject for a brief minute to inform us that Caitlynn has a crush on some one.
     That fit right into Rheagen's plan. She does not have a crush on anyone and never will. Rheagen said she is never getting married or having kids. She said, "I am going to be just a lonely farmer with Josie. We then asked if Josie is going to get married? Her response was no, neither her or Josie want to get married or have kids and neither of them have a crush on anyone.
     With that said she went right back into her plan. Rheagen is going to have chickens and will also sell her eggs for a quarter. When asked how many eggs she said you can have how ever many eggs you want for a quarter. She also wants a garden to grow vegetables and a lemon tree. In front of her house she will have four stands: a lemonade stand, a vegetable stand, an egg stand and a milk stand. She already has her signs made to show what is for sale at each stand and how much each item costs.
     This plan was told all night to every ear that would listen. With each telling the plan became more detailed. I love that girl, she is so entertaining that I beam with pride when I see the joy that she is bringing to others. Thank you Lord for the little joys in my life.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Running/ Walking

I just finished a run/ walk session. Such a bad idea to do it with the kids and the dog. I tied the dog to the stroller so I didn't have to try and hold onto her and the stroller. I spent half the time dragging her because she wanted to stop and check out every person, dog, bug, leaf, stick and fleck of dust, Grrrrr. The stroller was a bad idea in its self. So not a running stroller. The roads in American Falls are all higher in the center so no matter which side of the road I was on the stroller wanted to head toward the curb. It took me wwwaaaayyyyy longer than it should have. The up sides is it is a beautiful day. I got to go out in my new birthday workout clothes that my mom and dad got me. I burned calories and ran 3.7 miles. All in all I feel good.


     Wow, I have a lot of work to do. I just read through both of my little sisters blogs. I smiled, I laughed, I cried, but most of all I felt pride. I am so proud to have them as sisters, and a bonus, they both married men that I am proud to call my brothers.

     So here I go. If you are reading this I must assume you know me, but I am Jessica Miller. My parents are Lance and Mindy Earl they are wonderful, and I love them so much. I do not say that nearly enough to them. I put them through major crap as a teenager and for that I am so sorry, but through everything I did to them they never gave up on me. They instilled morals in me that eventually became important to me and I am glad to have those morals and pass them on to my children.
     I have four siblings, who I also do not say I love nearly often enough. Josh is my big brother, he is an amazing person who I always have looked up to. He lives in Washington so I almost never see him. I miss him tonz and can not wait to see him again.
Jenny is my big sis. She is one of my best friends and I am so grateful for our relationship. Recently she moved from southern CA to Idaho so I get to see her and her family much more, and I love it.
Erin is my sister just younger than me. She is another of my best friends and my role model. She is a stay at home mommy like me, but she does it better.
Last but not least my other best friend my youngest sister Tyann. She has the biggest heart of any one I know and I love just being in the same room as her.

     Now for my best friend of all, My husband Wayne, always by my side and very understanding. Ha ha, he understands that I have issues, and that I can be a little crazy sometimes. but he supports me and loves me anyway. We get along great for the most part and we both enjoy doing a lot of the same things, (which I guess is necessary for a marriage to work). We love to be out doors, winter is a tough time for us. We love to camp, hunt, and garden. Two of which puts food in the pantry and freezer. A couple years ago we got into canning our own food which is another thing that we enjoy doing together. Their are a couple things that I like to do that Wayne does not, but he loves that I love doing it. I love to sew, crochet, and do other little crafts.
     The best thing that Wayne has ever done for me is provided me with four beautiful children. Caitlynn is our oldest, she is fifteen, yes a pain in the but teenager but I love her. She helps me out a lot and I wonder if I could handle my other 3 children with out her. Hmm, of course I could, but Caitlynn definitely makes things easier for me. Rheagen is our second, she is 7 and oh my gosh a girl. She loves all the pink frilly stuff, but she also has a heart the size of a mountain. She hates to disappoint and loves to please. Tierney is 5 and is our handful. She has so much energy that she will just stand in one place and jump with out realizing she is doing it. She likes to be pretty, but she also is a little tom-boy. Scully is two. He is a little momma's boy, but tough too. When he is tired he wants mom and when he is wired he beats on dad. He is very entertaining. His new thing is, he is not a big boy. He says "no, me tiny, you big." 
     I know that their are a lot more people in my family that I could list off but that would take days with my family so, please do not feel left out. I will summarize. All of my siblings married wonderful people, Josh married Marla and has two kids. Jenny married Travis and has four kids. Erin married Justin and has two kids and one on the way. Tyann married Aaron and has 12 kids on the way. Okay, maybe not 12 but she has babies coming, I know it. All of my siblings-in-laws are amazing, I love them all and am grateful that my siblings met and married such wonderful people that not only made their lives better, but mine also.
     Yup their is more. Wayne's family who I also love to pieces. His parents are Bill and Charlotte Miller. No lies we have had some rocky times, but our relationship has strengthened over the years and they mean so much to me. Wayne's older sister is Leetah, she has become a great friend and gives amazing support and love, unconditionally. She is married to Audie and they have one child. Ross is Wayne's younger brother. He is fun to hang out with and makes me laugh. Ross is married to Marnie and has two kids.
     I better call it quits or I will go on and on and you will get tired of reading, if you have not all ready. Basically I wanted to fill everyone in on everyone in my life and let everyone know how much they mean to me and how much I love them.